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The Women's Health Centre FEM Süd in Austria has been working for over 25 years to make sure that immigrant women and girls enjoy their physical, mental and social health, while also knowing their rights, practicing changing their situation for the better and working together to end the harmful tradition that is FGM.

Girls and young women are one of the main target groups of FEM Süd, where 23% of the female clients are under 20 years old. FEM Süd is providing psychosocial counselling and psychotherapy as well as group activities for schools and youth centres. The main topics are sexuality, prevention of violence and empowerment. Girls and young women are participating in the planning of specific projects and programs dedicated to their needs.

Since 2022, FEM Süd is also a leading partner of the Austrian Coordination Office against FGM (represented by Umyma El Jelede and Hilde Wolf).

The Institute believes working together is a fast, accurate and reliable way to End FGM.