In 2024, we want to shed light on the fact that #FGMisPatriachy.

In 2024, the End FGM European Network highlights the tangible and symbolic impact of FGM on women and girls.

Female Genital Mutilation is a form of gender-based violence which specifically targets women and girls and violates their fundamental human rights. Like many forms of gender-based violence, FGM is an expression of patriarchal oppression. Symbolically, FGM means that individuals, just because they are born female, are robbed of control over their own bodies.

The continued existence of FGM on all continents means that we still live in a world that does not uphold the rights of women.

FGM anywhere is a symbolic attack on all women everywhere.

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Sharing grassroots experience

End FGM EU engages with on-the-ground activists who are tackling FGM within their communities and at European & International levels.

End FGM EU is also networking with grassroots activists through our Understanding Community Voices project.

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