Call for Consultants - Development of 3 Animated Videos for the Join Our Chain Project

The Join our CHAIN project is dedicated to the prevention and elimination of the harmful practices of female genital mutilation (FGM) and early and forced marriage (EFM) among affected communities in 3 EU member states: Germany, Italy and Ireland and through the European Network End FGM EU. Both practices are forms of gender-based violence (GBV) that are often intertwined. ​

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The project aims to tackle FGM and EFM committed against women and girls through continuous community empowerment, training, capacity building of key professionals, and sensitisation of relevant stakeholders. A coordinated, quick response to FGM and EFM cases also requires coordinated action between several institutions and stakeholders to provide protection and support for women and girls affected by and/ or at risk of FGM/EFM. Therefore, the project focuses on strengthening support measures among 576 key professionals and relevant stakeholders through capacity-building and promotingof local intervention chains (ICs). The promotion of the ICs will also be done via three video tutorials of the model project, enabling the exchange of good practices across the EU and disseminated by every partner organisation. ​

End FGM EU is looking for an agency to produce three high quality animated videos that aim at promoting and showcasing the Intervention Chain models of Germany, Italy and Ireland. The agency will:

  • Develop the concept of the videos based on a script discussed with End FGM EU.
  • Produce one high-quality storyboard per video (considering the overlap on the project and model introduction which will be common to all three).
  • Edit and finalise the storyboards and the animations as per the feedback provided by End FGM EU and the other Join our Chain project partners.
  • Produce three animated videos (2-3 minutes) to be delivered in mp4 format and in 1080p resolution, easily sharable on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.
  • Provide royalty free audio/music track for the videos as relevant.
  • Create the voice-over of all videos in all three respective languages.
  • Provide caption files in English for all three videos.
  • Include titles, relevant credits and logos and agreed layout style according to End FGM EU’s guidance.
  • Deliver the rights of ownership of all animation content to the Join our Chain project partners.

The videos will have as primary targets:

  • Relevant professionals dealing with FGM and EFM: health, social, legal and educational sectors (principally in Italy, Germany and Ireland)
  • Local (municipal) authorities in Italy, Germany and Ireland promoting the creation of ICs in other cities.

The videos will also have as secondary targets:

  • National policymakers – in the 3 IC countries and beyond, donors and institutions (promoting ICs sustainability and the model’s expansion)

Each video will be maximum of 3 minutes long (the exact length can be discussed with the consultant depending also on animation costs and what can be done within the budget). As all three videos will be introducing the same project and the same general model before going into the specific IC for each country, it is foreseen that about half of each video will be common to all three (except voice-over language). This means that, in total, the consultant will have to produce around 6-7 minutes of animation.

FGM and EFM are very sensitive topics which are also affected by misconceptions and stigma. While the videos do not target affected communities, the videos include their perspective and most importantly, avoid feeding discriminative dynamics against these communities. The animated videos will use a non-stigmatising and empowering language and images – guidance to achieve this will be provided by End FGM EU and through the feedback rounds with partners and community members.

The budget for the production of these videos, VAT included (21%), is maximum 30 000 euros. The consultant’s proposal will be judged using a value-for-money principle.

Read the full Terms of Reference here

To be considered for this service, the applicant with the required profile shall submit the following documents in English:

  • Proposal to produce the videos, including detailed budget and timeline
  • Examples of similar previous work;
  • A link to their website or portfolio.

The proposal needs to be submitted electronically in English to by 10 December 2023

In case of queries, please address them to