KONE - Netzwerk zur Förderung Kommunikativen Handelns e.V

KONE - Netzwerk zur Förderung Kommunikativen Handelns e.V
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Kone-Netzwerk zur Förderung Kommunikativen Handelns e.V. is a non-profit association founded in 2011 and based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The association consists exclusively of female members of African descent living in the diaspora of 20 nations.

The goals of the association include the fight for equal opportunities and recognition of people of African descent and/or persons with a migration background, as well as anti-discrimination and racism work.

Another objective of the association lies in the importance of Kone (solidarity), namely the self-image of a solidary network that creates cross-community spaces to bring various actors or allies into dialogue and foster cooperation.

Kone works with a holistic approach, understanding that the needs of each individuals are specific and many kinds of help are required, such as support with the asylum process, the right help for a doctor’s appointment, reconstruction, assistance through the healing process and support to participate in German society.

The topic of FGM is an important part of the women within Kone, who find it their duty to inform and to implement the importance of education (see Schutzbrief, the published protection letter against the practice of Female Genital Mutilation).

As an organisation, Kone wants to connect across communities and to help foster the understanding that everything is involved with everything. They act in the principle that doing one action will resolve many more, and hope to help others realise that.