The upcoming European Parliament election in 2024 presents an opportunity for MEP candidates to take a stand against FGM. Our campaign is based on an End FGM 6 points manifesto which MEP candidates are invited to sign.


Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a harmful practice affecting over 230 million women worldwide. This practice, devoid of medical benefits, leads to severe health consequences. FGM is a form of gender-based violence deeply ingrained in harmful norms that control and restrict women's freedom. This denial of full human rights, including bodily integrity, freedom from torture, mental health, sexual health, and reproductive rights, affects around 600,000 women in Europe already, with 180,000 more at immediate risk. These alarming numbers are set to escalate due to shifting demographics.

FGM elimination is a critical objective under Gender Equality Goal of the Sustainable Development Agenda (SDG 5.3). Despite some progress, the current pace suggests we are centuries away from achieving this global objective.

In its decade of existence, the End FGM European Network has proudly prioritized FGM elimination within the EU and in development. Yet, the urgency of current realities demands immediate and intensified efforts to create a world free from the FGM and Gender Based Violence for all.

If you resonate with the urgency of eliminating this harmful practice, as a candidate for the 2024 European Elections, join us in making these goals a reality!

In the next European mandate, I commit to:

1. Work towards EU gender equality goals, including ending gender-based violence and FGM.

2. Ensure FGM-affected communities' voices shape policies that concern them.

3. Promote accurate narratives about FGM to counter stigmatization.

4. Advocate for additional funding to civil society, prioritizing grassroots efforts.

5. Prioritize professional training in relevant policies and EU-funded programs.

6. Promote an intersectional and feminist approach to eliminate gender-based violence in EU policies.