National FGM Centre

National FGM Centre
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The National FGM Centre is a partnership between Barnardo’s and the Local Government Association (LGA) to achieve a systems change in the provision of services for children and families affected by Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Funded by the Department of Education as part of its Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme, the Centre works closely with key partners from Local Authorities, Health, Education, Police, and the voluntary sector to achieve its vision and aims. In 2017, the Centre’s remit was extended to include Breast Ironing/Flattening and Child Abuse Linked to Faith or Belief.

The National FGM Centre’s Vision is to keep children and young people safe from FGM and other Harmful Practices, including ending new cases of FGM by 2030. Through our work we aim to:

· Prevent new cases

· Protect children and young people

· Support those affected by FGM and other Harmful Practices

· Partner to deliver services and learn

We have had 450 case referrals between Sept 2015 – March 2019 from our Local Authorities in East England and London and 14 from other Local Authorities in England and Wales. We have supported the application of 28 FGM Protection Orders over this time.

As of October 2017, we have expanded our remit to include Breast Flattening and Child Abuse Linked to Faith or Belief.