Report: The European Forum to Build Bridges on FGM

The European Forum to Build Bridges on FGM was held on 28 November in Brussels by the End FGM European Network (End FGM EU) in cooperation with the European Commission, and with the support of the Human Dignity Foundation and the Wallace Global Fund.

The Forum brought together over 100 actors working to end FGM - including NGOs, IGOs, service providers, practitioners, donors, researchers, experts, lawyers, academics, civil servants, activists, survivors and community representatives - from worldwide (Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, US) to share experiences, exchange good practices and discuss future trends. The aim of the Forum was to give a platform to actors to explore how to build bridges and strengthen cooperation between different regions of the world, between different sectors and how to foster actions that address various forms of violence against women and girls (VAWG) through a holistic approach.

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