COVID-19 Update - Gender ABC

The COVID-19 outbreak is impacting all areas of our lives, and the Gender ABC project is no exception. As our project is directly involving children, we are of course taking all the necessary precautions to ensure everyone remains safe and healthy. Here is an update of the situation, per country, and the impact of government measures on the project.

In Italy, schools have been closed from the 5th of March and will be closed at least until the 3rd of April. It is very possible that the re-opening will be postponed. In the meantime, teachers and school managers are busy organising online lessons and remote teaching in order to keep up with the programs. Parks, cinemas and museums - just to name a few - are also closed and children are forced to stay at home as much as possible.

In Portugal, all schools are closed from the 16th March to minimum the 9th April. The full regulation says:Teaching and non-teaching and training activities in the presence of students in public, private and cooperative education establishments and in the social and solidarity sector of pre-school, basic, secondary and higher education and in social facilities to support early childhood or disability, as well as in the training centers of direct or participated management of the network of the Institute of Employment and Professional Training, IP, are suspended.

Under the new restrictions imposed on public life due to Covid-19, domestic violence and child abuse could significantly increase. If you are in Germany and experiencing violence and need confidential advice, call Hilfetelefon's central helpline in Germany at 08000 116 016 or visit
For more information, please read this article.