Médicos del Mundo trainings

Place: Navarra

Date: 10 and 24 March

Awareness activities with youth people in three secondary schools in Navarra. These activities are based in information about cultural keys and the myths about Genital Feminine Mutilación. One or two sub-Sharan mediators will deliver a session and it completed by a video and by dynamics and participative games.

Health profesional Training

Place: Navarra

Date: 3 , 10 y 28 de Abril y de 2017

Two sessions has been held by professionals of the sanitary area and one by professionals of the social area. These sessions have gone directed to explaining and forming to the different professionals about the protocol of prevention and action of FGM in Navarra and how could we approach the anthrophological point view. These sessions have been implemented by the project mediators. Also the exhibition "a trip with commitment" has been used, making a guided visit on it.

Training for African men.

Place: Navarra

Date: 8, 9 and 10 of May

The workshop have had a duration about 9 hours, and it had as aim to report, to form and raise awareness to African men and provide to them with necessary tools to prevent them from exercising violence against women and being aware on it.