Ludovica Stornaiuolo [she/her]

Senior Communications Officer

Ludovica Stornaiuolo [she/her]

Ludovica is our dedicated Senior Communications Officer, responsible for managing and executing strategic communication plans to effectively convey our organization's mission and initiatives.

Before joining our team, Ludovica worked in corporate international organizations, where she crafted impactful communication strategies for a range of projects. She ensured clear and compelling messaging across various platforms, including social media campaigns, press releases, newsletters, and more. Her expertise spans media coordination, social media management, and content development. Additionally, she has experience in developing advertising strategies and monitoring metrics, utilizing data-driven insights to optimize outreach efforts.

With a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business, and a Master's degree in Marketing Metrics and Analytics, Ludovica possesses a profound understanding of market dynamics and trends, as well as skills in strategic planning.

Passionate about digital communication and storytelling, Ludovica brings creativity and a global perspective to her work. She is also deeply passionate about advocating for human rights and supporting women. Ludovica has a keen interest in travel and exploring new cultures, which enriches her approach to communication. Fluent in Italian and English, she is also proficient in Spanish, with a basic understanding of German and French.